Sunday, 9 December 2012

Layout Pans

Considering this was done in the span of a (hurried) day, I'm not satisfied with the results. That being said, I had quite a bit of fun with the pan + designing the characters. On the left we have a frumpy, grumpy pipe-man who is overprotective of his pipe-filled train station. On the right we have a wide-eyed girl who steals pipes from the closed station to sell and gain prrrrrofit. Copper makes a pretty penny!

Looking back at the beginning of the semester, I remember being too afraid to lift a pencil in layout class. It's a silly fear that I still have - that whatever I create will be gaudy and filled with mistakes. But mistakes are great, mistakes are things that I can learn from. With every failure, I'll fail better and more spectacularly and I'll learn even more. All I have to do is keep drawing and scrutinizing, and drawing some more. Wahoo!


Kaitlyn Seow said...

Also screams I can't believe you did this in a day just let me cRY IN A DITCH

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